Again waited for our Indonesia…

Again waited for our Indonesian friend who was at the Singapore General Hospital. He was supposed to meet us for going lunch together but he just called to change it till tomorrow. Both Samurai n his Geisha CAT are very hungry at this hour, 245pm now. So quickly I went to my cozy kitchen to cook this Spinach, Prawn Wantons, 1/2 packet Myojo brand Prawn Tanmen n Goji Berries. I used 4 small bundles of Spinach, I box 12 pcs of CP Brand Prawn Wantons n 2 TBS of Goji Berries to cook the Tanmen. So delicious light meal. My Samurai's bowl has noodle, mine without. We will have a good Japanese dinner with friends tonight.



One thought on “Again waited for our Indonesia…

  • 2020 年 7 月 22 日 at 15:39

    Looks yummilicious!😋



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